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Work process

Phase 1: Research

Everything starts with research. Weither a scientific drawing or a children’s book illustration, good reference material is crucial. Depending on the subject, this part of the creative process can be pretty time consuming. I welcome clients’ material to speed things up, but I usually need to do my own extended research in order to make an illustration accurate, original and qualitative.

Phase 2: Sketches

Thumbnails and sketches enable me to explore possible visual solutions. By sketching, I find out what works best so I can present a solid concept to my clients. Together, we decide on the way to go from there. Sometimes edited sketches are needed, sometimes the edits are minor enough to proceed directly to the final phase.

Phase 3: Color finals

For each illustration, I make a color palette. In the case of picture books, I often make a color script. I do all my coloring digitally, and will keep separate layers for animation or assets if needed. After this stage, minor edits are always possible, but substantial changes to concepts agreed upon in phase 2 will be billed extra at hour rate.